Stop and Taste the Broccoli

huh? Well, you know, not everything smells like roses. There are things that happen in daily life, joyful and painful that sometimes get overlooked. How often do we pause and think about what we are doing in each moment. You sit down for dinner...whether that be on your couch or at the table - the tv is going, the kids are talking, someone just sent you a text and you look down and you ate your dinner. Or maybe you are driving to work, listening to the radio, noticing the traffic and all of a sudden - you are at work and you can't even remember how you got there. You may think multi tasking is getting you somewhere, but sometimes we are distracted and our brains are never given the chance to enjoy a split second of something we are doing or something that we feel. I encourage you to take 1 "mundane" task that you do every day, and stop for 30 secs and open up your awareness to a new experience. Notice all your senses - taste, touch, smell, sight, and your internal senses- emotions and thoughts. You might be surprised that the broccoli doesn't taste so bad after all.