Getting Unstuck

Have you ever felt stuck? You know...that feeling, deep down inside that says no matter what, you can't move forward with your life. Some of us feel stuck in our relationships. I often talk to people who end up dating the same kind of person, over and over, and are left wondering why it isn't working out for them. Some of us feel stuck in our family life. Maybe you have a family member who uses drugs and you are the one to always bail them out. The "stuckness" can almost feel like a compulsion, something that just can't be stopped. Well, that is what therapy is about. When you have your feet glued to the floor, for whatever reason, sometimes you need someone to pull you out of your shoes and help you get moving. Why wait until you are at your wits end? Start looking for a therapist now. You don't have to keep repeating patterns and going in circles. Not sure where to start looking for a therapist? Give me a call and if I am not the right fit, I can refer you to others that may be able to help. 949-682-6417