Judgment Day

I am sitting at jury duty and there is wifi...so hey, why not write some of my ideas down while I wait?? Whatever you may think about jury duty, it is a place where judgments are made, every day. When I think about judgment, I think most about how we judge ourselves. I often find we are our own harshest critic, rendering ourselves unmotivated or paralyzed by the guilt and the shame we feel. We find so much negative that we miss some of the greatest things about ourselves. Here are some tips to live with a little lighter, less judgmental attitude.

1. Humor - Laughter reduces our blood pressure, activates your frontal lobe , improves memory, and the list goes on and on. It is essentially a workout for your brain! Learning to laugh at yourself and your circumstances on occasion, can give you a healthier perspective and a way to cope with the stress. Instead of judging yourself...laugh at yourself!

2. Practice Thankfulness - Yes, I said practice! This is not something that always comes naturally, but at the end of the day, you did something right. Take a moment to notice what worked out well, even if it was that you managed to get dressed in the morning or that you are breathing. Appreciating smaller things puts the big picture in perspective.

3. Let it go - When you catch yourself critiquing what you are doing and saying, take notice, stop, breath, and let the thought pass by you. Don't cling to the negativity. Acknowledging negative thoughts and moving on to other things, allows you to not wallow in the despair. Try it, and you will find that the thoughts will creep back in, but you just keep acknowledging and moving on. With practice, you will be able to notice what is important and truthful to you.

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