Are you selfish?

What do you need in your life? Love? Happiness? Security? You can make a list but at some point, people can get uncomfortable with expressing their needs. That feeling of being uncomfortable can sometimes come a fear of being selfish. I want to really stress the meaning of being selfish. Selfishness is when we are devoted to ourselves alone, no matter the cost to others. So when you want to do something, have something, be something, take a moment and be honest with yourself. I bet you might find that you are NOT BEING SELFISH. But that fear can get in the way of you obtaining your hopes and dreams. The fear of being selfish results in people silencing their desires and then becoming a victim of their fear. We can get stuck. When you incorporate these negative storylines, we only hurt ourselves. Take a moment and think about what you have really wanted in your life. Dream big - it's a good thing!