Resource for Parents

If I come across a great resource, I like to share it! Especially if it can help remove barriers in relationships or barriers to therapy. When I meet with parents, I like to find out what they do to take care of each other and nurture their relationships. Some think it is too selfish to take time away from the kids. (See what I think about the word "selfish" here) But another issue that can come up is simply logistical - who is going to watch the kids? It is hard to find people you trust to watch your children. This, by the way, can be a reason why a couple is avoiding going to couples therapy. I met today with a great guy, Jeremy Rose. He runs College Nannies and Tutors in Irvine. What I love about this business is that not only are their staff trainined and have an extensive background check, but you don't have to have a nanny in the traditional daily, 9-5 sense. They provide nannies for a one time event, emergencies, or for those with after school needs. So if you have been putting off spending time with your partner because of childcare issues, check them out.