Preparations - Finding the balance

Getting ready for the holidays and to me, I feel like there is still so much to do. And in reality, some of it I love and some of it I dread. I love spending time with my family. I hate wrapping gifts! I know, I know...what a grinch, but I just have no skills with taping and making bows. It stresses me out. YES, I get stressed too :) So it got me thinking about how often in preparing for the good stuff, we can have bumps in the road and not enjoy the whole ride. So I find myself important is it that the gifts are perfectly wrapped? Um, not really important. What is most important - the act of kindness in giving - the action, the thought, and the love. The gift isn't even important. It is what I am saying in the gift - "I love you, you mean something to me, you are special" (even though the paper doesn't line up and the bow is all wonky) I won't even get into why we don't even need to give a "thing" for the  holidays to people...that is a whole other blog for another day. 

Just take a moment and if something really is annoying, stressful or robbing you of your joy in the preparation for the holiday - BREATHE and evaluate if it is all that important. Balanced thinking and balanced living is important to finding your inner joy. PEACE to YOU!