Making the Most of Your Time in Counseling

So you made it to counseling. You like the therapist and you feel safe. Good for you! Now what? How do you know that you are getting the most you can out of it? Here are 3 quick tips...

1. Be honest - sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings can leave you feeling very vulnerable. Unless you expose the wounds and the pain, it makes it really hard to heal any of it. I found that the honesty becomes deeper with time as we become more comfortable. If you feel like you can't share, don't make something up, just say "I don't feel ready to talk about it." Either way, it is your time and the therapist wants you to find healing. Honesty is the best policy for this.

2. Be consistent - I get asked a lot about coming to therapy "just when I need it," or "on occasion." Some therapists may work like that, but I don't. If you aren't attending sessions regularly, in my experience, it slows the progress. Counseling is work. Think of it like exercising. If you lift weights regularly, you can increase the amount of weight lifted over time and it is great for your muscles. But if you go in cold, every so often, it makes it difficult to every increase your power and it is much more likely to hurt!

3. Be flexible - I remember when I first started counseling. I had a reason in mind why I should go but it turned out, I had other issues to work on that I hadn't even thought about. It is ok to learn about yourself in lots of areas. Your growth will be greater if you are willing to look at the big picture. Go in with an open mind. What you find, might surprise you.

Yes, there are lots of other ways to make the most of your time in the counselor's office. Call me to see if counseling is right for you 949.682.6417.