Do you just see couples?

The other day, someone asked me what I do for a living. This is a common question really. We all have different ways we respond to this question, but typically I just say "I am a Marriage and Family Therapist." To which they then say, "oh, so you do marriage counseling?" And then, I can decide to flesh out my response or just politely nod. Right now, I want to respond a little more to that assumption. Being a Marriage and Family Therapist, means I help people that have been in families or that means, anyone. I see individuals, teens, couples (married, cohabitating, dating, ect.), and families.

I wish my title was more something like "secret keeper." I hold the hurts, pains, frustrations along with the joys, celebrations, and successes that anyone can experience in life. It really is a privilege. A privilege that not everyone understands. But when you tell your secrets, it can bring healing and freedom. When you share your pain, you are a little less alone. And when you have an accomplishment, you have someone very proud of you. So if you feel like seeing a MFT is just for people with marriage problems or parenting issues, think again. Just ask. You might find someone who can share in your journey and help you find what you are looking for...hope, healing, peace, know, the good stuff.