Losing Sleep


I am now back from maternity leave and I must say, sleep has become an even more precious commodity in my life! I cherish any moment that I have. When I sleep, I feel alive, alert, prepared for the day and more emotionally centered. But sometimes in life, we lose sleep. Have you ever had so much on your plate, feeling overwhelmed, that you lie awake at night unable to fall asleep? Then you become more and more anxious trying to fall asleep knowing that the more tired you get, the harder it is to cope with the stress in your life? It can be a vicious cycle. Many of us lose sleep over things that happen in our lives or decisions that need to be made. I have to ask, “is it worth losing sleep over?” Talking through issues with someone can help break the control of worry and fear. I think about when I am in session that clients essentially come in the room and lay their burdens down and walk away hopefully feeling lighter than when they came in. When we release our burdens in essence we give room in our minds for rest. Sleep is a time to rejuvenate so you can cope with and enjoy life. If you are losing sleep over a relationship or circumstance, then maybe it is time to consider doing something different and talking to someone about what is going on. I would love to help you, whether it be with me or someone I can recommend. Give me a call 949-682-6417.