Growing up is hard to do. Even when you think you are done...turns out there is more to work on or something you want to change. But for every change you make, do you love yourself all the more? Or do continue to push and push yourself because it is never enough?

Being self motivating is a wonderous thing. However, self motivation can quickly turn into self condemnation if not tempered with balance and love. People come to therapy wanting change. With each change they want more and more, raising the bar, higher and higher. But what is so wrong with just enjoying the smallest of changes? Savor it! Rest in it. You don't tell someone to run a marathon every day. You prepare, your run the race and then you rest. You rest because that is what your body needs. 

My wish for you and for myself today is to be able to rest. Lie down in the beauty of who you are and the person you are becoming. Relish in this moment. Remember what makes you great. Hold onto that. Wear it with pride and when you feel replenished, get up and run a little further.