You are responsible for only you. You are responsible for how you respond to your thoughts, how you choose to see the world, how you makes sense of pain and how you handle your emotions. No one is going to rescue you from this responsibility. If they try, it could be called co-dependency. 

Being responsible means to operate from a place of being an adult. When you don't want to take care of yourself, you really are more child like. We all have these states of mind. Somedays, you might feel 5 years old, wanting the ice cream that you know will make you sick to your stomach, raise your blood sugar or push the scales over the edge. Other days you might feel like a teenager, wanting attention so you act out. Or you might feel like a baby, just wanting to be comforted and have all of your needs met by others. 

Being an adult means doing all of those things for yourself. Parent the child within, comfort them, set boundaries with them, and love them. This is not easy but it is necessary if you want to overcome your pain, your repeating patterns or your anxiety about the world.