Be Free

We allow many things in life to bind our hands. We become victim to the world, loosing our voice and our will to take a stand. "I can't" "What if" "There is no other way" are phrases that can tie us up into knots, leaving us unable to move forward in our lives. Do you feel stuck?

I have said before and I will say again, therapy is about options. You always have a choice. You may not like your choices, but there are other options out there if you take the time to explore them. But if you want to know your options, then that makes  you responsible and no longer the victim. It also makes you empowered. To explore, imagine and play with the possibilities is like saying "wait a second, this is my life, not yours." 

So what are you bound up by in your life? Is it the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" phrases that keep you in the past and not in the present? Is it the fears of what other people think? Let them think. They don't have to be in your shoes day in and day out. Once you explore the ties that bind by playing with the options, you become FREE.

FREE to decide which roads you traverse. FREE to allow people in your life and ask people to leave your life. FREE to sit in your emotions and know that fear and anxiety have no place in your life now. FREE to be yourself. FREE to love yourself.

May you find freedom from the victimization. Take back your life and be FREE.