Take your time

Rushing through the holidays...a common cliche. But in reality, people are usually rushed. The rush through their day, their emotions, their pain and grief, always planning for the next moment. What if you just stopped? What if you moved more slowly, ate with more intention savoring every bite or thought before you spoke. We create an illusion of importance by how busy we are, however the busyness only speaks to devaluing ourselves and others. You are worth the time to enjoy the life you are living. 

What did you eat for breakfast? How did it taste? How did you feel after eating? Sounds easy to remember right? Well, then when was the last time you hugged someone with so much love you thought your heart might burst? When did you just sit and cry? Memories are created out of intention. If you are hurried, it might be hard to recall the answers to these questions. 

So I challenge you the next time you sit down to eat, take a bite and let it linger in your mouth. Discover something new. Next time you are in the car on the way to pick up the kids and traffic is bad, breathe and feel your hand on the wheel and become aware of what is truly around you. And, if you feel like crying, just do it. It will pass, so give your body a moment to release stress and sadness, it won't hurt you.