MBSR is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I am taking a 6 week course in MBSR with Adrienne Beattie, MFT. The requirements - an open mind and a committment to daily meditation. Evidence shows that after 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation training, you can change your brain structure. 

This is empowering!!! Seriously, I often hear (even in my own head sometimes) how "that's just the way things are", "things will never change" or "it's all happening to me." But research is showing us that you have the power to change your brain. 

You can increase the grey matter in your hippocampus (the center for learning and memory - so important for those of us with dementia in our family.) You can decrease the grey matter in your amygdala (the creator of stress and anxiety). Here is a link to the article.

So now what? Well,  here are some tips to get your started:

  • Start of slow - just 5 minutes a day. Be aware of your breath. That's it. AND if that feels like too much, then start off 3 times a week and increase. 
  • Be Kind to YOU! This is a practice...no judgement allowed. That is practice too...letting go of our self hatred, loathing or criticism.
  • Don't give up - just keep practicing. This isn't a sprint. It is a life journey.
  • Get to know your brain. Whatever happens in your meditation, it is simply information about your mind.

Best wishes to you as you try something new...something different. Your brain will thank you!