Compassion - a two way street

I was having one of those days. Life felt like a country song. The car was having issues, family was sick, work was piling up and then some things at the house kept breaking. I wasn't even aware of the frustration level that I was experiencing. I was taking each thing as it came and at one point ended up laughing hysterically with my husband at how ridiculous it all was. 

At one point, admist the chaos, someone became frustrated with me. Circumstances were beyond my control and I was doing my best to manage, but it fell short of what they needed. While I realized the person's frustration was out of their stressors and issues and knowing that it must be hard for them too...I realized how much I needed compassion. I wanted to be seen for my humanity and loved in spite of my failings. 

We all need compassion. I would say it is in part the purpose of our being. My need for compassion brought me in tune with evermore how important it is for me to give compassion to others. Before I would be compassioniate because it was the 'nice' thing to do. But then I saw how it became a necessity, to give to another. While that person never really gave me a moment to explain what was going on for me, I found compassion through others. It energized me and gave me hope. 

Never underestimate the power of giving a moment of your time to care for another. Never underestimate your purpose and the power of your love.