Inner Wisdom

Sometimes people ask me what I think about a situation. 9 times out of 10, they already know the answer. Which got me thinking, why do we seek the answers in others and not in ourselves? Why don't we trust our inner wisdom.

We all come into adulthood with a certain level of influence from our parents, siblings, family members, or friendships. These relationships shape us into the people we are today. However, part of this shaping includes some stories that we take on as our own. Confused? Well sometimes we start to identify with labels that other people give us "I am not good a sports." "I am shy." "I can't speak in public." And these beliefs, I find, sometimes come from our experiences in our childhood and what others told us about ourselves. 

Everytime we listen to these beliefs, we end up silencing our inner wisdom. Ask yourself, are you really not good at sports? All sports? Every aspect of it? Or is it that you haven't found one you like? Or is it that the sport you like isn't traditional...maybe you like to go birdwatching! If we don't challenge these beliefs, we end up stuck, in the same patterns that feel mundane and frustrating.

But when you DO CHALLENGE them, you might find a small voice, your inner wisdom, start to bubble up and stand up for you! "I am not shy, I just don't like being criticized. I am outgoing when I feel safe with the people around me." 

What kinds of labels or beliefs do you give yourself? Are they really true? Are they suffocating your own truth. Let your inner wisdom be your guide...just give it a try.