Why be a therapist?

It is no secret, I love my job. So I thought I would give a little rant and rave about what makes what I do an amazing thing.


  • I meet amazing people. Some of the most heroic and resilient people have come through my office. They have survived and thrived through trauma, loss, grief, and more. Their stories are not only amazing, but they touch my heart and transform me as well. Just when you think you have heard it all, you learn that you haven't and that each person is so unique, not one single experience is the same. 
  • I get to be a guide. I am not the boss, the instructor, the one with all the answers (contrary to what you may hope). I get to walk along side someone in their pain. Share the pain and maybe lighten the load. I get to "figure it out" with them. 
  • It's an adventure. Just when I think I understand something, I get a surprise or an unexpected answer to a question. There is never a dull moment. If I had all the answers...this job would be boring.
  • I change too. You can't be with people and not challenge yourself as well. That is the joy of being in community. We shape each other. It is a beautiful process and a honor to involved with someone's growth.
  • It is energizing. I don't come home from work stressed out with paperwork and other pointless stuff that I once had in my other life. Nope, I come home with my brain full of ideas, questions and excitement as I watch peoples' stories unfold. 
  • It's a big picture thing. You know that whole ripple effect. A little pebble in the water sends out waves into the lake. I want to be a pebble that sends out waves through generations of change in peoples' families. The work I do with my clients, as I like to say, changes their family tree. Patterns get broken so that the next generation doesn't have to repeat it or work through it. 


So if you are an MFT or CSW intern and wonder what all the work you are doing is for, well I hope this helps encourage you just a tad. AND if you are thinking about therapy, find a therapist that loves what they do. There are so many more reasons why I do what I do...and these are just a few.