Guided Imagery - creating a place of your own

I have been using guided imagery more and more in my practice. I find it is a great way to create a safe place for you to go to when you are stressed and overwhelmed. You can bring a mental image to mind of a place that is calming and peaceful, noting the sounds, smells, tastes, and colors around you. Your body automatically responds as if you are there - breathing slows, heart rate normalizes, and muscle tension releases.

However another great way to use guided imagery is to process your emotions. Often if a person has unresolved conflict with someone with whom they no longer are in relationship with, guided imagery can help them go to that place with a person and tell them what they feel and what they need. And just like in the safe place, your brain responds as if it is actually happening. Resentment can dissapate, fear will no longer be prominent, and sometimes even forgiveness arises.

Effective counseling is about using the tools that help the person. There are many tools and many different styles of therapies. Not all of them are for everyone. But you might be suprised what happens when you do seek out to change your brain - it will change your mood, your heart, your soul and your life.