Do what you love

Do you know what you love to do? Life can start to get rather routine and we lose sight of what gave us passion in life. I truly believe that with time and nuturing, we can do more of what we love. This belief has come out of my own self discovery and that is why I am doing what I love today. So here are some tips on discovering what you love to do:

  • Reminesce about your past and think about things that you used to love to do. Write down what those things were and the feelings that you attach to them.
  • Take a community college course and explore different activities. Trying something new is good for your brain and your mood. You might discover a whole other passion.
  • Talk to people who know your strengths and that you trust. Pick their brains. They might have a memory of you that is  helpful in figuring out your passion.
  • Never give up. You might find there are a variety of things that give you joy or you might find there are a lot of things that frustrate you. Life is about getting to know yourself. Don't judge these things as "failures", instead just see it as more information about you. Let experience be your guide. 
  • Write down all the things that you tell yourself, things that block you from doing what you love. Beaware of how you can get in the way of your happiness.

I love inspiring people to find passion in their lives. You are never too old or too young to start discovering yourself. Have fun!