Day Spa for the Brain

My mind goes and goes. The hamster in the wheel feels like it never stops. It can be exhausting to be always thinking. Then I discovered meditation. Meditation comes in many forms - mindful eating, prayer, yoga, exercise - but whatever form you take there is something about giving your brain a break. 

Now, this doesn't mean that your mind won't wander and that you will be blissed out all the time. But it does mean that you can change the grey matter in your brain, realign connections between neurons and honestly gain a whole other way of looking at life. I see this in the clients I work with when we do meditation in session. Their whole body changes and it is as if the brain is screaming "thank you!". 

So after a work retreat in Morro Bay with my business partner, I got back to some of the basics of my meditation. We prayed, did yoga, contemplated on things and above all acted with intention. There is something about setting aside a moment in your day to say "I matter" "I am important". And after setting that intention, I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself, my desires and my needs. I created a whole vision for my business and my personal life. 

That is what happens when I go to the spa. It is rare, but a fantastic treat. I put all things aside and get in touch with myself. Just for a moment, I say to the world "not now, I need a moment." And when I leave, oh do I feel good. Mediation is like this for your brain. Detoxing your mind leads to opening up to new creativity, rejuvenating your spirit, and giving you hope for a better way of being in the world. So even if it is just for 5 minutes, give your brain a break from the monotony of thinking and doing and switch to just being. How do you create a day spa for your brain?