You can always change your mind

I often come to the conclusion that there aren't too many black and white choices in life. People ask if a reaction is normal, if they are normal, if what they want or need is normal...and I say, if it works for you why change it and if it doesn't work for you, you can always change it. Too many times we feel that we don't have choices. "This is just the way life is." You may not like some of your choices, but really, there are always options. 

We can become anxious and consumed that we are going to "mess up" which then leads us to believe the world might end. Would you tell that to a child? Would you tell them to not screw up because then they will be stuck in their life?....If it isn't ok to tell a child that, then why is it ok to tell yourself the very same thing? Listen to all the voices in your head. These come in the forms of self criticism, self imposed expectations, shame, guilt, fear, etc. Tell the to be still for a moment. There is no absolute wrong all the time. You can change your mind.

You can learn from your mistakes. You can grow to be better than before. You can try something else. You are never ever stuck. 

I once went to a school, an expensive school, that I just hated. So I left and traveled across a few states and ended up in California. In hindsight it was the best thing I could have done for myself. At the time however, I thought I had just made an awful decision attending this school for a year...what a waste! It wasn't a shaped me and prepared me for the next decision. AND I didn't stay and be victimized. I got empowered and left. So glad I did. 

What are you stuck in? Why are you afraid of changing your mind? What do you really have to lose? or What could you gain? What greatness and learning could come out of a change in your life? You have one life, be radical with it!