Can't meditate?

I sometimes practice meditation with my clients. Meditation is a great way to get to know your mind and how it works. You can discover so many interesting things about yourself. Sometimes our minds can be so critical, distracted, emotional or blunted. After a meditation, I often hear, and have said myself, "I didn't do it right. I kept thinking." Well that is meditation. There is no right way other than to set the intention. 

So I thought I would offer a few tips on if you are struggling to meditate on your own:


  • Use your smartphone for mindfulness apps and meditation scripts -There are a ton of apps out there, free and low cost that can help guide you through meditations. Sometimes just having a guide is all we need to feel confident to practice. 
  • Meditate with a friend, your partner or even your kids - I believe anything in community builds you up. Meditation with friends or family can strengthen your relationship as you support each other in your journeys. 
  • Take a class - So many options really! Other than yoga classes, if you are in the OC check out  The Center for Living Peace. They have two meditations per week and families are welcome. There is also the Zen Center Orange County. even has groups that get together. I HIGHLY recommend Adrienne Beattie's course. You can find out more about her here
  • Don't stop. If you feel discouraged, reach out. Just don't stop. Every little bit helps and counts towards helping your brain health.