Dear Momma

Yeah, your kiddo came up to another kid and tried ripping the toy out of her hands. My kiddo, just watched. This is how this kind of thing goes. Toddlers negotiating their worlds grasping their boundaries and so intently focused on what they want. And of course, they cry. They cry because they don't understand, the are overwhelmed or just frankly pissed that they can't have what they want. 

And I could see the distress on your face. I try to play it cool in moments like this. You seem so worried that there might be something wrong with your child. He is 2. She is 2. My daughter is 2. This is what it is like to be 2. They can't be adults. They can't reason. They express their frustration. And while it distresses you, I find it encouraging that he trusts to let you know he is upset. Let's not make it more than that. 

I know you have fears. I know we don't want to be judged. I know we want our kids to have amazing experiences and to be totally accepted and loved. But momma, you gotta love yourself. Have some compassion. Your kid is alive, playing, having fun, and on occasion, doesn't always like the circumstances. You can relate right? You say something like "He's an only child."  It doesn't mean much at 2. All 2 year olds are only children in their own mind. Their world is focused on it should be. But being an only child isn't bad or awful if you can hold onto that it isn't about being an only child...He will be so much more than that.  

You aren't a bad mom. He isn't a bad kid. You said you worry if kids will be his friend. Well...some will and some won't. He will not want to be friends with someone as well. It happens. And when it does, you can show him that his self worth isn't reliant on others. That he is more than just who likes him. He is more than an only child or whatever that means to you. But at 2, just enjoy it as much as you can. Your kid is ok. You are ok. We are all ok. No one died over fighting over the toy. We are all just trying to survive, keep our children alive and instill some love and acceptance in them.  

My heart goes out to you momma. We have many more days ahead to navigate with our children. We won't be perfect but we can see when we aren't and make a change. Our kids won't be perfect, but why would we want them to be, that is boring. Embrace the mess and the awkward.  Recognize your greatness.