The New Year is here!

A couple years ago I wrote about my take on New Year's resolutions. (You can read more about it here.  ) But if you are looking to make one change in the new year, might I suggest one? 

Stay present.

Yeah, yeah, you've heard it before. But the practice of mindfulness not only leads to more calm in the brain, it changes the brain. Literally the physical composition of the brain shifts with meditation. If you experience anxiety, depression, distraction or overwhelm, meditation can help you heal. So here are some tips for beginning a meditation practice in the New Year.

  • Start off with just 10 minutes a day and work your way up.  Headspace is a great app that can help you get started as well. 
  • Make a sacred space, just for you, where you can sit and be. It doesn't have to be super quiet, just comfortable.
  • Sit on a cushion or in a chair - whatever works for your body. But sit with your spine straight and alert.
  • Be comfortable. Where comfortable clothes when you start, light a candle if it makes you feel good, play light music in the background, whatever you need to entice you to sit and be. I play a yoga music track on Pandora. 
  • Remember the goal - to befriend your mind. This isn't mind control or how you stop thinking. You are taking time to observe and understand how your mind works. 

Need help with starting a practice? I work with client that use meditation as part of their healing. Give me a call 949-682-6417.