I admit, I have been a little quiet around here but I don't like writing unless it comes from the heart and is something I think you could use. I am sure you are reading all sorts of things about the holidays - how to manage your time, eat healthy, have boundaries with family, be grateful - the list goes on and on. So here is my contribution to the holiday blog roll.

Do you ever recollect a time when things were joyful? It's that feeling of nostalgia. We all have it at some point but particularly during the holidays.  I know I remember as a kid how easy the holidays were and now with my own child - sometimes it feels like a lot to keep track of. (That in part is my own doing, I know..)

Here's the thing I want you to know. Nostalgia isn't reality. It is a memory, looked upon through many filters of your experience. In other words, it can be a little distorted. And while I love looking back, it can make being present very very difficult. And I have been one to use nostalgia to keep me stuck in sadness. It can be used as almost a self abuse. When end up resisting acceptance of our current place in time by longing for something that is no more, we have no where to turn but our memories. Yes, remember, be thankful and learn from our past. But our past memories no longer need to be a marker for what we have and are now. 

So this season, may you find a new way of being in the holidays and doing things in the holidays. Now is the time for new traditions and discoveries. Take the nostalgia and carry on in your life. Enjoy what is.