Mindfulness in the Midst of Pain

Pain is something we avoid. Of course we do! Who wants to feel pain? But in the avoidance of pain, emotions amplify and can consume us. Whether your pain is physical or emotional, even spiritual (yes, some of us struggle with that), denying it, fighting it or avoiding it actually worsens it. That is where mindfulness comes in. 

Sure it is lovely to meditate on lovely things, but when you meditate on your pain, you can truly begin to understand that it doesn't have to have a hold on you. Being aware of your emotions, accepting them and living through them allows us to feel free in the midst of our pain. 

Try it. If you have a pain, focus on it in your meditation. Notice how it changes...always changes...never the same. Notice its quality and observe every detail of it. In doing so, often the pain lessens or no longer seems so scary. Mindfulness will give you a chance to keep you head above water when you feel like you are drowning. Need help with this? Give me a call :) Would love to help you find a peace in your life, that can pass any understanding.