Why I Love This Job

Sometimes I want to shout from the mountain tops "I am so lucky!" My job is so rewarding in many ways. But I know it isn't really luck. It was about understanding my options and making decisions that aligned with my beliefs. I do believe that we are to leave the world better than how we found it. That is my purpose. Out of that I make decisions that reflect that belief. For me that means recycling, cloth diapering, walking when I can instead of driving, raising my daughter with kindness and compassion, volunteering and other things that I hope leave some impact, even if it is small. 

And here I sit, several days a week, listening to people's stories. Helping them sort through the mess and make sense of things. Rediscovering purpose and meaning. Interjecting hope and hopefully a bit of humor. And all the while, I am transformed. You cannot listen to someone's story and not have it touch you, at least not in this line of work. Each day people are vulnerable with me and I am moved, I am humbled, and I am honored that they share. 

Do you want that kind of world? A place where you are given full attention and care, a place where your truth is all that matters and is all that is spoken. I have a few spots left in my practice and I would welcome you to call. Find out how relieving it can be to not have to go through the mess alone. 

May this week be full of wonder. May you recognize your greatness. May you see the potential for love and connection. And may you truly be known by those around you.