Why you can't afford to NOT go to therapy.

" I can't afford it." It's a tough place to be in. To know you want to do something, but feeling like you can't. I know, I have been there. Here is an awesome article that talks about what to do if you can't afford it. HOWEVER, you can't afford to not get help. And here is why.

  • Stress, depression, anxiety - the emotional impacts the physical. If you want to get physically fit, one of the biggest components is addressing your emotional/mental health. The sicker you are, the more you will find yourself in a doctors' office of some kind and between medications and doctor's visits - even with copays - it can get expensive. 
  • Life is too short not to enjoy it. If you aren't loving your life, why are you waiting for it to change? You have the power to make a difference. If you have the tools and support you can get on the road to a happier day than if you keep doing what you are doing, because it isn't working for you right now.  
  • Life will be even shorter if you don't enjoy it. Those with depression and anxiety have shorter life spans. Ick! Check it out.  
  • Create better relationships. Therapy helps you get out of the crappy relationships and keep the good ones. It makes the good relationships even better. How awesome is that.  
  • You can change your brain. You aren't a victim. You aren't stuck. You actually can even change the physical make up of your brain. You aren't destined to a life a sadness. You just gotta teach yourself some new ways of being in the world. Why wait for that to happen?

Bottom line...you are worth it. Your relationships to spouse, kids, family and friends are important. You could love you more. So yeah, it takes investing in ourselves to have a better life AND you are valuable and worthy of that investment. Contact me to get started today!