What are your strengths?

It's a question I ask a lot of my clients at some point in our relationship. And, I usually get a blank stare...ok...I get it. No one ever asks you to talk about what is amazing about YOU, but here I am, asking. Why? Well they are important. Just as you feel it is important to talk about what isn't working, it is important to talk about what is. 

I had the experience recently where I was asked to list my strengths. Yeah, not so easy for me either. I am getting better but still, it takes me a moment. I was encouraged to ask people I know. Really? Seriously? I am just going to call my friends and say "Hey, can you tell me my top 3 strengths?" No, I don't think so. Instead I went to suverymonkey.com and sent out a survey to 25 people. I asked them to give me my top 3 strengths. There responses were anonymous. It was FASCINATING! And for me it was consistent. 

But can I tell you what a thrill it is to get 25 messages about what people value in YOU?! It is a huge mood lifter and it brings great insight. Whenever I am down I can go back to that list and remind myself of the positives. When I am stuck I have a go to for strengths and finding how to get unstuck. So, I want to encourage you, ask people...maybe more bodly than I did, but nonetheless, get a little uncomfortable and bathe yourself in positivity. It will do wonders for your spirit and it will encourage you to keep moving forward in your life. 

Please share your strengths below. I want to know what makes you awesome!

Fill your life with compassion,


PS Mine were leadership, compassion and humor :)