A Practice in Compassion

You are checking out at the grocery store, fumbling for your wallet,  you pay and leave, never really noticing the cashier. The waiter takes your order....did you get their name? You wait at a red light, people crossing the street but you stare off, wondering about what is for dinner. No big deal really. You are just living your life, doing your thing, but in these routine activities there is another person involved - another living, breathing, human being. 

They have a story to tell. That cashier is working 3 jobs so she can pay the rent on her 1 bedroom apartment and go to school part time while raising her 3 kids, alone. That waiter spends all day asking people what they want, but inside, no one ever asks him what HE would like or want. Those people crossing the road are going somewhere special to celebrate with friends. 

While self compassion is so vital, so is compassion for others. When we see others around us, we begin to see the world differently. It isn't just about you. It is about all of us. Next time you are at the grocery store, look up. Look into the eye of that cashier and genuinely wish them well. Or if you see the waiter, talk to them and just ask them how they are doing. Those people crossing the side walk, send them well wishes and peace. Taking a moment to be present with those around us is a life giving experience. It will energize you, I promise. 

Set the intention and practice sending love to others...even that person that cut you off in the fast lane.