Got stuck?

Last week I was at a training. The coach was helping us address our fears and in that room there were a TON of successful people. But when he dug down deep, they all had fears. Actually, everyone shared pretty much the same fears. It starts with "I can't" or "I am not". 

Living in the headspace of being less than or of not having reaps fear, anxiety and frustration. What if we started claiming what we are. "I am" or "I can" followed up with positives. You might walk taller, speak confidently, and start making decisions with your higher level brain. 

I have said many times that what gets us stuck is our lack of options. Language is a primary place where we lock ourselves into beliefs that don't help us move forward in our lives. So taking the time to change your language can even impact your perspective and your feeling about a situation. 

This is why affirmations are so powerful. You are asserting who you are, claiming your power, so that then leads you to confidence or at least more assurance. My hope is that you don't stay stuck. That you see there are other ways and if you can't find those ways on your own, that you reach out to get help from someone. You CAN do this!