What to do when you are overwhelmed

Have you ever had that feeling that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel? Sure, we all get overwhelmed from time to time, but how do we keep moving forward even when we aren't sure how? I find a lot of anxiety is attributed to the worry and thinking 50 steps ahead of the present. I have totally been there to. It is like when you are a kid and you can't fathom adulthood. Why? Because you are meant to be just kid in that moment. So that brings up the first tip:

1. Focus on the moment - What can you do right now? You might be worrying in the middle of the night about a phone call you need to make, BUT you can't make that call right now! Right then you just need to sleep. 

2. Get it all out - Put down all your worries and fears, either in writing or in talking t a friend. Dump your brain out. This creates an awareness of what is giving you anxious energy. 

3. Evaluate the necessary - When you look at your priorities, you discover what you need to do now and what you have control of versus what you can't deal with in the moment. Some of the things that consume us are things that are unknown or that could change down the road. 

4. One step at a time - When you are overwhelmed, it is all about putting one foot in front of the other. Some days you will want to race ahead of yourself or stick your head in the sand, but small steps are what it is all about. 

5. Have compassion - You didn't think I was gonna leave this one out did you? Listen to your body and your heart. Don't push yourself more than you can handle. Be attune to your needs and how you can meet them in the process of eliminating the overwhelm. Do everything with love and compassion for yourself.

Letting go of overwhelm means you come into a place of acceptance and knowing yourself. You continue to work on your life and dealing with issues, but you have a greater confidence in knowing that somehow, you will be okay.