Calling all parents!

How do you get support as a parent? Do you sit around with your friends and share what's going on? Or is there a little bit of shame or guilt that keeps you from being vulnerable and reaching out for help?

Parenting is freaking awesome and scary and overwhelming and exciting and boring...all of it. It is a mixed bag. And we all struggle. There is a great myth in our culture that good parents don't struggle or have serious difficulties in their families. That simply is not true. Every child is unique and requires a unique approach for parenting. The introverted child needs a different kind of approach than the extroverted child. And those two children can come from the same family. Have you ever looked at your parents or your siblings and thought..."was I adopted?"

So what do you do when you are a parent and are faced with challenges. You have a few options

-Keep doing what you are doing and hope it works eventually

-Ignore the issue and hope it goes away

-Get help and try something new until you find what works

Whether you are stuck in a rut, lost your creativity in handling issues or have major behavioral or emotional issues with your child, we all could use a little support and therapy isn't always the answer to that. Therapy addresses more of the long term, deep seeded issues of the individual, couple or family. Coaching helps provide solutions to cope and make shifts. Both benefit your mental well being and the emotional health of the child. Together - it is truly transformative for a family. 

That is why I wanted to introduce you to Brianna Dubbs at She has been a resource for my families that need a new way of helping their families. Brianna is a therapist and parenting coach expert, that works with families with kids ages 0 - mid 20's. She provides in-home (yep, that's service) and in office support. And often times families just need to see her briefly to get a new game plan and learn some new tools. 

When you look at the 3 options above, who do you want to be? Are you ready to make a change? Are open to learning? Learning is how we grow. It isn't a sign of weakness - it is a sign of strength. So if this is you or someone you know...check out the PluckMaster Brianna...and see what changes you can start to experience in your family now!