"Thank You!" A Moment of Gratitude & Reflection for the New Year

I wanted to send this message out to all of you this week and say "Thank you." 

Thank you for all the support over this past year.  It's been amazing getting emails, and the calls, and the questions.  It's really helped shape the way that I get information out to the world.  I really appreciate it. 

I also want to remind each of you to take time--rather, make time--to care for yourself during this time. I know it can feel kind of hectic to people.  Maybe even feels a little bit more lonely than normal.  Make time to show yourself some love and compassion, whatever that looks like during this time. 

Really gear up for the start of the new year.  Take a look back at 2015. Look at what you're grateful for.  Look at all that you've accomplished.  Look at the challenges that came up and how you navigated through them. 

Because you are here today.

I want to encourage you to take care of yourself, whatever that means, as the new year starts. 

Thank you again, everyone. I look forward to seeing you in 2016!