Amicable Divorce: Is It Possible?

Do you think partners in toxic relationships can make a respectful exit?

And, I wanted to chat with you about, you know, with these stories that are coming up in the news lately about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, better known as "Bennifer", and their decision to divorce recently. And it's just fascinating to me to see kind of the emotional ripple that it's had within social media communities, people in our lives, family, friends talking about this major split. And, divorce happens. Separation happens. It doesn't have to, but it does. And I'm wondering, what are your views on this? Do you believe that it's possible to have, you know, respectful and amicable break? Do you believe it's possible to, you know, continue parenting in a way that is beneficial to children and both partners involved, even if you decide to go your separate ways?
What do you think about this? I want to hear from you. Because as a professional, and someone
who sees this come up a lot, I have my views. I have my ideas. I have my thoughts. I want to share those with you. I think it's absolutely possible to have a successful split in a marriage and still have it be a healthy co-parenting relationship, have the kids be able to still have successful and emotionally healthy relationship with their parents, but it all depends on how people decide to split. There's a lot of different ways you can do that. And if you're in this position and you're wondering, "Well, how can I do this? You know, we've decided we definitely want to split. How do we do this successfully, Robyn?" Call me. I can help you with this. There's so many things that I would say, don't do. And so many things I'd say, let's try and see if it works for you in your situation. Call me. Let's figure out how to best exit what maybe could be a toxic relationship or maybe one that just no longer working for you and your partner involved. Let's get together, let's
chat, and let's see if I can help you guys get to a place where it feels like a good split, if that's the decision you've already made. Or, if you're curious and kind of teetering, "We're not sure", again, call me. I definitely help out many couples in the decision-making process in a very non-judgmental way. So, let's hear from you. Either leave me a note below or reach out and let's see if working together would be a great fit. Call me at 714-390-1652 or shoot me an email at