Stormy Weather Won't Stop You ... Be the Best Partner You Can Be

Yes, there's lots of rain here in sunny Southern California. Not just RAIN IN LA (hilarious BuzzFeed video you should check out for a good giggle) kind of drizzle but major, land-shifting, El Nino grade storms. You know, the kind that can wash away roads, cars and more importantly access to Starbucks. What??!?! 

It reminds me of how relationships can feel overwhelming, messy and cause lots of damage ... but that doesn't have to stop you from being the best partner that you can.

Do "storms" in your relationship challenge your patience? Sure. Can it make it hard to think loving thoughts and keep a smile on your face? You  know it. But does stormy weather keep you boarded up in your house, hiding under the covers, paralyzed by fear? NO WAY. (well ... unless you're in the midwest where there may be tornadoes and blizzards - YIKES!)

YOU get to choose how you will be the best version of YOU today, tomorrow, this week, this month ... you get my point. It's a choice and with these simple (yet not always easy) steps, you can be the BEST PARTNER YOU CAN BE in 2016!

READ MY SHORT ARTICLE HERE  - it's full of simple how-to's. Then forward it to your partner, parent, friend, BOSS! (just kidding ... that may be a little to much this early in Q1)

My wish for you is a happy, healthy and abundant 2016! Let's get this party started, already.