Coaching Vs Therapy: What's the Difference?

Wondering why I'm talking about the difference between the two? Well, I've got EPIC news for you. I have added Relationship and Lifestyle coaching to my services. Not sure if coaching or therapy is for your, check out the video and  then play this quick game of True or False to test your knowledge.  

Watch the video and find out if coaching or therapy is right for you! 

T or F: 
COACHING is an educational, discovery-based process of human potential.
THERAPY is based on the medical model: people have psychiatric maladies that need to be repaired.

T or F: 
COACHING asks "What is next? How will I do that?"
THERAPY asks "Why"?

T or F: 
COACHING seeks to bring more power, control and joy to the client.
THERAPY seeks to remove the client's pain.

T or F:
COACHING has strategies and objectives.
THERAPY has a treatment plan.

T or F:
COACHING takes an active, energetic approach.
THERAPY takes a more passive, reflective, background approach.


ANSWERS: If you answered TRUE to all of the above then you're one smart cookie! 


There you have it. Therapy vs Coaching. What do you think? Have I left you fairly certain which one could help your current situation? GREAT! Have I left you with even more questions than before? GREAT! Let's chat about how I can help.

Check out this week's featured video to see what I mean.