Does Your Anxiety Feel Like a Noose or a Cape in Your Relationship?

I had the honor and joy of being interviewed by Stuart Fensterheim, Couples Expert in Scottsdale, Arizona about couples and anxiety. Listen and learn simple ways to have a loving caring relationship when one spouse may be struggling with an anxiety disorder. With openness and vulnerability I share both my personal and professional expertise on creating intimate connections when anxiety is present in your relationship.

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In this podcast you will learn ...

  • How to identify our own super powers as a means of being vulnerable with your partner.

  • See the importance of sharing how painful the anxiety disorder is and how powerful it is to share your experience with your partner.

  • How the non-anxious partner's anticipatory anxiety of their partners anxiety becomes part of the problem.

  • Tips to help couples having a vulnerable dialogue about what each of you needs from each other.

  • Exactly how creating connections is about intimacy within your relationship.

  • The real dilemma when an anxiety disorder is a part of your relationship and how to maintain strong connection.

  • Changes that occur in relationships when anxiety is more of a noose than a cape.

  • What anxiety REALLY feels like and how it's experienced.

  • How to identify and meet your partner's needs in order to feel loved and supported.

  • How to look at the partners anxiety disorder as a strong message to use your support system.