Hey, Thanks! And, Happy Fathers Day!

Hey, Dads, this one's for you, so watch it!

Today's video is in the spirit of Fathers Day coming up this weekend.  And I just wanted to send out a quick little message and say, "Thank you."  Thank you for all the men out there in this world who are father figures to someone, anyone.  And thank you for your hard work.  Thank you for your continued effort to be the best you can be.  Thank you for your times when you know that you haven't been very successful at being a father figure and being able to say, "Well, I could have done that better."  Thank you for the gifts that you give us.  Thank you for the gifts that you give those in your life.  And please be aware of the impacts that you play in so many people's lives and how it ripples out beyond yourself and beyond maybe your children's lives.  You are an important person to so many people and I want you to know that.  You're valuable and it's up to you to decide the impact that you have on those in your life.  And it's up to you to decide the legacy that you leave in this world.  So, again, thank you to all the fathers out there doing your very best.  And if you're watching this feeling like, "Wow, I'm not doing my very best," I encourage you to think about, what is your very best?  How could you show up a little bit more for those in your life who consider you a father figure, with more love, more empathy, more fun, and just more awesomeness?  Happy Fathers Day.