Relationship Rehab: You Asked For It!

You asked for it, and I'm hearing you loud and clear.  But now, I need your help!

As you know, I do videos on all things relationship-related. 

I talk to you about maybe topics about you and your partner aren't talking about because maybe they seem a little taboo.  I'm constantly providing tips and tools on just how to make conversations with your partner a little bit easier, maybe a little bit smoother, less awkward, even help you to increase some of the conflict that might come up. 

I've also done some videos on how to love your partner.  Various partners, right?  Which is, how to love your anxious partner, which people love that one, both the anxious partner and the non-anxious partner.  I recently did how to love your funky partner, which is--we all get in a funk.  We know what that's like when we're just feeling really blah and out of it, but how in the world do we love our partners through that? 

And so, I have been getting so many requests to do more videos on how to love your partner in various topics that--you got it--you asked for it, I'm delivering.  So, if you subscribe to my YouTube channel now, you will not miss out on the upcoming series I'm doing called "How to Love Your Partner". 

So, and if you have any topics that you're curious about--maybe your partner is impatient...How to love your impatient partner.  Maybe your partner is a really loud talker in movies--how do we love them?  Send me some messages. 

Leave a comment below or shoot me an email and I will create a video just for you.  I look forward to your topics and please check back here for more videos.