VIDEO TIP: How to Love Your Successful Partner

Today, we're talking about how to love your successful partner.  And for many of you, you may think, "Well, how could this possibly be a bad thing if you have a partner who is successful?"  Well, success can look and most definitely feel very different to different people.

I want you to start by just thinking to yourself, What exactly is success?  When you look at your partner--I mean, you clicked on this post for a reason, right?  There's something about hearing "my partner and their success" that triggers something within you. 

So, when you think about your partner's success, whether it's a business, whether it's in relationships, whether it's spiritually, emotionally--what is it about their success that bothers you?  That's the first step: to just take a step back and say, "What is my reaction all about right now?  What am I actually responding to?  Does my partner's success make me think about my own fears when it comes to business?  Does my partner's success kind of highlight areas in my own life, whether it's professionally or personally or spiritually, maybe physically, where I feel inadequate?"  What is going on?  Pause and take a look at what's happening within you. 

The second step: write this stuff down.  Write down every single way that you perceive your partner's success to impact you.  How does their behaviors with regard to their success impact you?  How do their mannerisms or things that they say, the way they speak, the way they interact with people, the way they talk about their business--how does that impact you?  And then think about, when you talk to other people about your partner and their success, what comes up for you?  Are you proud of your successful partner?  Do you get a little overwhelmed?  Do you maybe feel some embarrassment or shame because maybe you don't know as much about their success as you thought?  Think about what this does to you and then write it out. 

And the third step: sit down and have a conversation with your partner.  Ask them what their idea of success is.  I can guarantee that the way you perceive your partner's success would dramatically shift just by having a conversation about your ideas, their ideas, and finding out where they match and where they miss. 

So, my challenge to you this week, if you're struggling to love your successful partner, is to follow these three steps.  And then, let me know how it went.  Let me know what came up.  Let me know how you were able to love your successful partner, and maybe some challenges that came up for you both throughout the conversation.