Are you a helper and a healer?

So often we spend time taking care of others, we forget to take care of ourselves. So while you help spread healing to the world, who is helping you? There is a great myth in our work where we believe that we should be better off than our clients and that we should have it together. But we don't. And when we buy into that myth, we get stuck in shame and fear, never moving forward in our own growth and development. That is why I have a passion for helping the helpers of the world. Processing your own pains, traumas and experiences so that you aren't only a better therapist, but a better person - living more in truth with who you were created to be.  

When you are in school, the workload plus your practicums can be consuming. Then when you graduate you are left with internships, sometimes several, that can last for several years. Add to that your final journey into taking that fun licensure exam. Amidst this whole process, sometimes we forget....One of the best ways to be a great therapist, is to be in your own therapy!

Your work as a clinician continues to improve as you go through your own therapy. 

I have to say it has been the best decision I ever made as a clinician and that is why I am so excited to encourage you to do the same. Call me today to talk about setting up an appointment 949.682.6417.