Why talk about spirituality?

We spend so much time doing things that we have lost touch with how to just be with our minds and bodies. Spirituality is often an underutilized treatment tool in psychotherapy.  Some have been fearful to talk about it. However, research shows that those who have faith or a spiritual practice, live longer, are healthier, and cope better with stress.

Religion, faith, and belief. 

Are you having a spiritual crisis or are you at a crossroads with your beliefs? Something in your life has happened that doesn't match up with what you were taught about God or religion. Everything you thought was absolute, feels tenuous and shaken. I also have an expertise in spiritual abuse, people that have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse within their religious practices in the past.  This kind of abuse can be confusing to some and not only do you find it hard to trust people, but they no longer know what to believe about a higher power. 

I don't preach religion or a "right way,"  but I do help you come to terms with your own beliefs, desires and dreams. Everybody has a different understanding of how the world works, we just journey together to help you become more confident, clear and secure in what works for you. To do that, I also teach mindfulness. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of increasing your awareness of the present moment. Some people refer to it as "living in the now," or "being present." It is a practice, which means that you don't ever fully master it, rather you improve and grow as a person as you make efforts to integrate it in your life. Mindfulness is practiced through meditation, prayer, relaxation exercises, guided imagery, cognitive therapy, and many more avenues.

Meditative practices also have a great impact on the brain. Yoga can elevate GABA, decrease pain, and improve mood. Dopamine increases with regular meditation practices. Those that practice daily for at least 30 minutes show a significant increase in neural activity. Mindfulness helps people cope with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders and stress management. Mindfulness is a proven scientific way to cope that I use in my therapy sessions.

Let me help. 

I don't believe that what happens in the therapy room, ends there. I don't believe in creating a dependency either. That is why the tools that we work on in session, can be used in your day to day life. If you want to learn more, call me at 949-682-6417.