You are an intelligent human being, but somewhere along the way, you lost sense of who you are. There are several ways that I help women come to a place of self love, confidence and trust in themselves and their choices.


You look at the person you once loved, deeply and now all you feel is distance. When you reflect on your past, you notice patterns that you don't want to repeat. And while it sounds simple, it is hard to know how what to do. If you feel ambivalent, confused or overwhelmed, I can help you gain clarity. Whether you are struggling with an intimate relationship, a family relationship or a friendship, it is important to know your value, at the core of who you are and to find fulfillment in your interactions with others.  


Sexuality is one of the more complex issues that women face in their lives. Whether they are exploring their sexual orientation or they are struggling with issues of desire, I help women feel comfortable to talk about their sexuality, to be in their own skin and to own who they are.   The women I work with tell me they are more confident and assured of what they want and how they express themselves sexually. To come into a room, without judgment and just pure curiosity and compassion, gives women what they need to develop their sexuality. 


How do you balance it all? Whether you are single or have a family, growing your own career is tending to another piece of what you are meant to do in life. Some women find themselves in a more entrepreneurial role or they have big dreams for their future. They can get stuck when they try to understand how to blend their dreams for their lives with all of their roles - mother, wife, daughter, and friend. I get it! I run two businesses as well. Sometimes we just need help in figuring out the balance and giving ourselves permission to seek what we want in life. Counseling helps you do exactly that.