Working with couples is my passion!  Among other theoretical models, I utilize interventions from Gottman Method Couples Therapy .Dr. John Gottman is known for completing groundbreaking research for more than four decades focused on marriage, relationships, and parenting. The Gottman Method aims to help couples break through barriers to achieve greater connection, understanding, and intimacy. I will help you and your partner learn new ways to communicate instead of having the same argument over and over. We will work on deepening your friendship in the relationship and increasing intimacy, as well as ways to reduce conflict when it arises. I have completed Level 3 (the highest training level) in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and utilize the evidence-based, research-backed method with all of my couples.

What You Can Expect When Working with Me

You will receive a thorough assessment, treatment plan, and simple strategies that work.

Assessment Phase

When we begin our work together, we will meet for a 75-minute session where I will gather information about your history, and your situation as you understand it. You both will be given access to an online questionnaire to be filled out separately and confidentially before your next session. The questionnaire is an integral part of treatment as it's analyzed and scored to appropriately identify your stuck points and strengths, and then indicate where to start treatment.

This step involves a 50-minute session with each of you individually (these sessions can be back-to-back appointments or on different days within the same week). The purpose of the individual sessions is to learn more about each partner’s perspective, family background, and any other relevant information.

We will meet for a 75-minute session, which is devoted to reviewing your assessment findings and discussing and planning your treatment goals together. I will give my input on a treatment plan while collaborating with both of you to make sure we accomplish your treatment goals.

Treatment Phase

The rest of our work together will focus on your treatment goals. You will learn tools designed to help you reduce and manage conflict, deepen your friendship, and build your trust and connection with one another. This requires you both to utilize the tools provided, outside of our sessions.

Partner not willing to do couples therapy?

If your partner is not interested in counseling, I can work with you individually. I work to help couples and individuals whether they are married, single, or dating, to create more satisfying relationships. Please see “Relationship Counseling For One” to learn more about this.

Should you stay in this relationship?

The people in a relationship are solely the ones who decide whether they should be there or not. I believe too many people give up on relationships that could have been saved, if only they had access to the right information. I work to give you the best chance possible at succeeding in this relationship, or a future one.

If your goal for therapy is to stay together, I will equip you with the tools necessary to do that. The same goes for deciding to reconfigure or end a relationship. If you choose to make changes to your relationship, I will help you describe what those could be and how to implement them. If you decide to end your relationship, I will help you do so in a way that respects everyone involved.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation for couples who want to discuss how relationship counseling can help and to explore if my approach is a good fit for them. Call me at 714-390-1652 or email me here to schedule a time to speak and together we can discover what you need to get back on track before it's too late.